Our silver charm bracelets are available in a full range of children and adult sizes to fit all ages.


  • 0-12 Months: 4.5 inch
  • 12-24 Months: 5 inch
  • 2-5 Years: 5.5 inch
  • 6-8 Years: 6 inch
  • 8-13 Years: 6.5 inch


  • Small Adult: 7 inch
  • Medium Adult: 7.5 inch
  • Large Adult: 8 inch
  • Extra-Large Adult: 8.5 inch

Sterling Silver Charms and Charm Bracelets - 925silvercharms

We have a huge collection of silver charms and silver charm bracelets for all ages. Our solid silver charms includes stunning designs and you will find endless inspiration to create a personalised silver charm bracelet. We choose our silver charms for their quality and we have a huge range of silver charms available to order online for your collection.

Charm bracelets are firmly established as a traditional gift and charm collecting has never been more popular. It is very easy and enjoyable to design a personalised charm bracelet that can reflect your own personality and you can continue to add new designs over the years for every occasion. Charm bracelets often become a valuable family heirloom and can be passed from mother to daughter to become a precious part of family history. Charm bracelets are always unique and no other jewellery is quite like a charm bracelet, personalised and highly collectable charm bracelets create a unique piece of family history to be treasured. We have thousands of charms available to order online and with so many silver charms available you will enjoy creating your own collection.


Babies and Children - A silver charm bracelet is a lovely gift for a baby or little girl and we have adorable baby charms to celebrate babies, christenings and birthdays with stunning charm designs to delight children of all ages.
Daughters and Teenager Girls - Parents can start a lifelong tradition by giving a personalised charm bracelet to a special daughter or niece, a charm can represent a hobby or shared interest, special holidays and occasions or to send a message of love to a special girl.
Friends and Relatives - Create a charm bracelet with a special charm for a sister or friend that only the two of you can appreciate, all charm collectors appreciate a carefully chosen charm, selected as a gift especially for them.
Brides and Bridesmaids - Silver charms are a gorgeous gift for weddings, you can design a charm bracelet for each bridesmaid or for the entire wedding party with charms chosen especially for the wedding day to create a personalised silver charm bracelet theme. We have bride and groom charms, mother of the bride charms, bridesmaid charms and our Swarovski crystal charms are perfect to match wedding day colours.
Girlfriends and Wives - Boyfriends and husbands can score points with a charm chosen as a token of love. We have silver charms for Valentines and special occasions with charms to reflect shared hobbies or a simple heart charm can be given to symbolise love.
Mothers and Grandmothers - Silver charms are perfect to symbolise special family occasions and our collection includes charms for mothers, grandmothers, aunties, daughters and friends with a range of charms for every special occasion, a charm bracelet is the perfect way to send a special message of love.